Nora + Michael, birth clients

"From the moment Chandley arrived for our consultation, her energy put our entire family at ease. Our 3-year-old son immediately went up to her and wanted to show her everything. He is an excellent judge of character, so this was very telling. We knew by the end of the appointment she was supposed to be our doula. From bringing us amazing date cookies to fabulous quinoa burgers, her homemade food warmed our hearts and our bellies. During our home birth, Chandley worked seamlessly with our midwives and effortlessly swapped in and out with Michael to provide hands on comfort when he was preoccupied with our son. Her willingness to help with anything we needed from filling up the birth tub, to taking pictures, to providing loving comfort and support without a doubt enhanced our birth experience. Everyone should be so fortunate to have someone like Chandley in their corner."

Amy, postpartum client

"Feeling confident and at ease in providing delicious, nurturing, affordable, sustainably-sourced, and simple meals is crucial to my daily life. It’s also something that for a long time has felt impossible. I knew I needed some guidance and hand-holding in weaving food sourcing and preparation. Chandley and I spent six hours grocery shopping and cooking together. I was left with confidence in every area of bringing nurturing meals into my life, and my clients’ lives.  I learned how to buy and store in bulk using zero plastic; how to use all parts of the ingredients (vegetable and bone broth!); the go-to staples for the postpartum kitchen; healthy meals that both adults and toddlers love (my daughter’s joy at dinner that evening brought me to tears!); and even how to chop an onion and garlic and hold a knife properly! 


Chandley is like the grandmother, mother, sister, goofy/insightful best friend that every New Yorker needs. She is an absolute joy to work with and an amazing (and humble) artist in the kitchen. Her love, compassion and artistry around food and for our planet and its people in general is infectious and incredibly healing to be around. I recommend working with her for postpartum families and anyone looking to deepen their relationship with food."

Nicole, birth client

At first I didn’t even know what a doula was! Chandley ended up being there for me when I had nobody else. It wouldn’t have been the same without her. I would have been alone, stressed, and anxious. As a young new mother by myself, it was so important for me to have a doula. Chandley stuck with me no matter what. She came with my to my prenatal appointment and suggested I walk home from my appointment which ended up helping me go into labor 10 hours later! She was there for me in the middle of the night when I needed company, had questions, and she was there throughout my entire birth. Even when she got tired, she stayed by my side. She created a comfortable environment and passed the time with me talking about shared hobbies. She was calming, friendly and a great communicator. I never thought I would enjoy giving birth... made me want to do it again!"

Yael + Jack, postpartum clients

"Chandley has been an angel for our new family. She makes sure that by the time our baby is soundly asleep we eat something nutritious and delicious at the end of a long day. Before Chandley it was toast for dinner. She is a wonderfully caring, intuitive, and thoughtful person and a very talented cook. I love having her in our home. As a breastfeeding mother I feel 100% supported. Thank goodness for Chandley"

Adrianne + Daniel, postpartum clients

"I love the creativity and care Chandley brings to the food she makes. She cooks with organic wholesome ingredients and everything is made with so much love. As a new parent – and a very tired one at that, I tend to focus my energy on planning healthy meals for my family often neglecting my own nutrition. I love how Chandley doesn't make clean eating feel like a compromise. Chandley worked with us on our dietary limitations and provided a range of different assemblies and preparations that I had never considered, and was really impressed with. She's down-to-earth, easy to work with, accessible and hands-on, and I felt like she made a concerted effort to make everything – from the prep of the food to its storage and re-heating – so effortless for us... which was such a dream! She has definitely renewed my inspiration for nutritionally inspired and flavorful preparations. I can't wait for Chandley to come back and prepare another week's worth of meals!"

Jenny + Bob, postpartum clients

"Chandley was an integral part of our postpartum journey. We knew food would be a really important part of the support we needed and Chandley cooked us a delicious mix of food, herbal teas and nut milks each week that nourished for me as I healed from my C Section and also appealing for my partner to eat (he was obsessed with eating her lactation cookies!). She’s a great personality to have in the home, a chill, cool person who is easy to talk to and always finding ways to help with chores. We were so happy to have Chandley and would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a postpartum chef or doula support."

Holly + Steve, birth clients

"Having Chandley as your birth doula is like having your very best friend in the room with you – only knowledgeable. She made me feel safe and empowered to have the natural birth I wanted. We laughed together during my unbearable contractions and cried together during the most intimate moments. I really appreciated her postpartum visits, she even surprised us with treats too! My family is forever fortunate to have her in our birthing story."

Madhavi + Lalit, postpartum clients

"We hired Chandley for the first two weeks postpartum. My family loved her and she quickly became someone we trusted and felt very comfortable welcoming her into our home. She helped cultivate a calm energy during an otherwise very stressful time. She made us delicious meals, helped with laundry, dishes, groceries, and provided emotional support as well. We would not hesitate to recommend her to any family during their postpartum journey."


Written by previous mothers and partners I've supported along the way

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