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Postpartum Chef

Nourishment for her and baby

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In colonial America, the postpartum stage was referred to as the “lie in” period. A new mother's female community took the responsibility of household chores, allowing the mother uninterrupted rest, healing, and bonding time with her baby. This postpartum ritual is a stark contrast to the back-to-business culture of today, where a new mother is expected to quickly bounce back to her per-pregnancy body, mind, busy schedule, and joie de vivre.


A mother can often feel secondary during her postpartum transition.  My offering is meant to relieve you (the mother) while you rest and cocoon with your newborn. Consider me part of your "fourth trimester" support team. My role is to keep a spotlight on you, sustain you, and to prevent extreme fatigue during your deep recovery.


I create warming, restorative, plant-based foods in your home and leave you with nourishing meals that will last throughout the week, with the added bonus of creating zero waste.

Postpartum Investment: $425

  • Consultation prior to birth

  • One week of medicinal food and drink

  • Chef fee (sourcing, soaking, cooking)

  • Home Delivery (packaging, transportation)