The most powerful supplement on the planet is your food. 

With mother and baby both going through tremendous change, rest and proper nourishment is vital. By giving your body the nourishing, restorative resources it needs to repair and rebuild, then it can do what it does best: heal.  


My foods are designed to replenish and restore her body, support lactation, and prevent extreme fatigue during her deep recovery. Consider me part of your "fourth trimester" support team. 

I create warming, easily digestible, plant-based foods tailored to her and her postpartum experience.  Food and drink is packaged in 64 ounce glass jars and can be refrigerated or frozen to your convenience. Typically my offerings are used during the first two week postpartum, though we can work together long term, short term, or during times of transition.


  • Two broths or soups (6-8 servings each)

  • Two milks or teas (6-8 servings each)

  • Two snacks (7-10 servings each)

  • Option to add on for an additional cost


  • Complimentary virtual consultation

  • Organic, wholesome ingredients

  • Chef fee (sourcing, soaking, cooking)

  • Glass jar packaging

  • One week of restorative food/drink

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