How it Works 

Step 1

We'll start with an intake form, followed by a consultation where we review your diet, grocery budget, discuss your EDD, and arrange a start date. 

Step 2

Email me your selections from my menu. You can submit any changes up to two days prior to meal prep date (the day before cook date). Grocery and chef fee are due on the cook date. The payment schedule is weekly. Cash, check or Venmo are accepted. 

Step 3

The prep date includes sourcing of specialty items & pre-soaking of any legumes, nuts, or grains (I do this before I arrive). The cook date consists of cooking, labeling, and storing meals (est. time in home is five hours). At the end of the day, kitchen will be as clean as I found it.

Step 4

Sustainability and being kind to Mother Earth is as important to me as the care that I am providing. I do not use single-use containers. It is expected that you have sufficient food storage. If you don't, I will source glass/BPA free reusable containers (this fee will be included in your first grocery bill). 

***The commitment duration is entirely up to you, however, at least six weeks is optimal to get you through the adjustment phase. I am open to extensions beyond my recommended service. You may also discontinue at any time. 

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