mindfully sourcing organic, bulk,package free ingredients

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In my practice, it's not about perfection. Zero waste is about reducing the amount of trash we create and contribute to our landfills. Our actions are powerful and we have the ability to turn things around. By choosing reusable products over disposables, buying bulk ingredients over packaged, and composting food scraps we move towards a more sustainable future.

We live in a convenience culture that relies heavily on packaged foods and disposable products which limits our ability to make mindful, considered decisions. I understand the demands of the modern household may force us into this option. I am here to help!

By cooking in the home, I’m able to achieve the beautiful triad: connect mothers to her food, relieve her mind of the planning, shopping and kitchen burden during her recovery, and eliminate the environmental waste that comes with it. When I source ingredients, I'm using mesh produce bags, organic cotton bulk bags, and durable shopping bags to carry home. The produce is sourced from farmers markets and local natural markets, and the rest of the ingredients are purchased in the bulk aisle. Meals are then stored in hardy glass containers with BPA free lids, or whatever safe vessel you have in your home.


Plant-based eating is one of the most impactful decisions we can make to lessen the human impact on our environment (our carbon footprint is more than halved annually!).

This ethos page is an opportunity to explain the intention behind my methods. The point of my business is to provide a useful and fulfilling service to humanity while also being able to look Mother Nature in the eye and tell her I did my best to do right by her. Small footprint, large impact.

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