About Me

I had the spirit of a doula long before I was trained by the renowned DONA International. I was raised in Ojai among nurturing women who encouraged me to trust my intuition, communicate with an open heart, and aim to leave things better than I found it.


Years of childcare led me to the wild and wondrous world of childbirth. A wide-ranging study of food connected me to my love to nourish the body.

Every mother deserves a personal village that supports her own unique way. I believe in intuitive motherhood as a peaceful birth and parenting mindset. Part of a doula's work is to be a foundation so parents can find their own feet and decide what works for them.


I am here to support you into the unknown; to hold space, connect you to your own inner wisdom, provide evidence-based information and nourish you along the way.


It is my honor to support  you throughout your pregnancy, labor and nourish you throughout your transition into motherhood.


   Training and Education

  • Trained Birth Doula: DONA International

  • Advanced Workshop for Birth workers, Bali Indonesia

  • Homebirth Doula: Carriage House Birth

  • Intuitive Doula Work: Carriage House Birth

  • Infant Feeding: Carriage House Birth

  • Pediatric CPR certified: American Red Cross

  • Bachelors of Arts: UCLA

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